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Welcome to my PRG Portfolio!

Welcome to my
PRG Portfolio!

What is PRG? Personal Repository Guidelines is a system that transforms the way repositories are organized and presented in your GitHub portfolio. By harnessing the power of GitHub Actions, it automatically crafts a tier-based display, neatly categorizing your repositories for enhanced clarity and impact. Beyond mere organization, it sets forth comprehensive guidelines, templates for READMEs, and overall repository structure, ensuring each project is showcased with maximum professionalism and coherence.

PRG is utilized by the following personal and organizational accounts in this portfolio:


Project Tier Table

PRG is optimized for the following projects and repositories:

Icon Name Created     Owner Description Technology Category Tier
Icon Recipe-Resizer 2023-02-17 @Night-Owl-Labs A utility application that allows you to resize recipes, convert unit of measure, cooking tips, and save your favorite recipes. iOS, Swift, SwiftUI, Core Data Mobile Application Platinum
Icon Bee-Heard 2023-02-05 @Night-Owl-Labs To be announced. N/A N/A Platinum
Icon PRG-Personal-Repository-Guidelines 2023-10-08 @scottgriv Revolutionize your GitHub portfolio with this system. Utilizing GitHub Actions, it auto-generates a categorized display for organized, impactful repository presentation. Includes essential guidelines and templates for READMEs and repository structure. Markdown, GitHub API, GitHub Actions, GitHub Pages, Jekyll, Python, DataTables, HTML, CSS Categorization, Guidelines, Templates, Standards, Documentation, Website Gold
Icon Post.e 2023-01-22 @scottgriv A fully functional, multi-programming language, “how-to-build” social media application. iOS, watchOS, UIKit, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, MySQL Mobile Application Gold
Icon River-Charts 2023-09-14 @scottgriv A Python, Django, Plotly, and Pandas web application that visualizes river data pulled using an API from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Python, Django, Plotly, Pandas, API Web Application Gold
Icon Palm-Tree 2023-01-01 @scottgriv A web based CRM application with Google Business Review email request capabilities. Send marketing emails out to your customers, including emails requesting Google Business Reviews. Directly open a Review window on your Google Business page with a click of a button within the email. JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL Web Application Gold
Icon Business-Website 2023-10-29 @scottgriv A versatile static business website built with Gatsby and hosted on Netlify, featuring multiple menus and an integrated product/app landing page. Gatsby.js, Netlify, React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS SPA, Business Website Gold
Icon Portfolio-Website 2023-01-15 @scottgriv My Portfolio Website: @scottgriv. Gatsby.js, React, GraphQL, Netlify Single Page Application (SPA), Portfolio Website Gold
Icon Recipe-Resizer-Website 2023-11-06 @scottgriv Recipe Resizer Product Website. Gatsby.js, Netlify, React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS SPA, Product Website Silver
Icon Bee-Heard-Website 2023-11-06 @scottgriv Bee Heard Product Website. Gatsby.js, Netlify, React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS SPA, Product Website Silver
Icon PRG-Website 2023-12-01 @scottgriv PRG Product Website. Submit a pull-request to have your PRG Portfolio and account featured in the PRG Showcase! Gatsby.js, Netlify, React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS SPA, Product Website Silver
Icon CREDITS-Generator 2024-02-07 @scottgriv 🚀 Generate GitHub CREDITS files to credit contributors, libraries, and supporters for your projects! Built using SvelteKit. Markdown, Svelte, SvelteKit Template Generator, Web Application Silver
Icon Resolution-Scale-Calculator 2024-02-07 @scottgriv Scale design dimensions (width and height) up or down for @1x, @2, and @3x resolutions. JavaScript, HTML, CSS Design, Web Application Silver
Icon GitHub-User-Info 2023-08-29 @scottgriv A web application that allows you to search for GitHub users or organizations in order to view profile information and other details. Built with GitHub API and Angular. GitHub API, Angular, Sass, TypeScript, HTML API, Web Application Silver
Icon Binary-Converter 2023-08-11 @scottgriv Convert text to binary (and visa versa) with this simple web app. Built using Vue.js and styled with Less. Vue.js, JavaScript, Node.js, Less Converter, Web Application Silver
Icon PWA-Demo-App 2023-08-21 @scottgriv A Progressive Web App (PWA) demo that uses React, TypeScript, Node.js, Postgresql, and Scss/Sass/Less. Learn about PWAs and achieving a perfect Lighthouse score. React, TypeScript, Node.js, Postgresql, Sass, Less, Scss, Workbox, Webpack PWA, Web Application Silver
Icon javascript-api_data_fisher 2023-10-02 @scottgriv The data fisher is a single page web application that calls multiple API endpoints and returns the data in a CSV format. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, CSV API, Data Mining Silver
Icon uwp-audio_recorder 2023-01-05 @scottgriv A simple Audio Recorder and Playback application written in C# using Visual Studio and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) framework. C#, Visual Studio, .NET Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Application Silver
Icon java-backsplash_tile_square_footage_calculator 2023-07-24 @scottgriv A console based calculator that will assist in determining the number of backsplash tile cases/packs to purchase, based on the square footage using the width and length (in feet and/or inches) of a surface area. Java Console Application Silver
Icon javascript-bouncy_ball_game 2024-01-08 @scottgriv A fun, interactive, JavaScript game built using @codepen. Grow your score by catching the bouncy ball! JavaScript, HTML, CSS Web Game, CodePen Silver
Icon javascript-magic_date_ball 2024-02-05 @scottgriv A witty revision of the famous Magic 8-Ball toy. Shake the Magic Date-Ball and find your random future date! JavaScript, HTML, CSS Web Game, CodePen Silver
Icon javascript-image_carousel 2023-11-20 @scottgriv Image Upload and Display Tool: This user-friendly application enables uploading and sorting of multiple images. Once arranged, it seamlessly cycles through these images from a designated directory, showcasing them in a sequence for display or informational use. JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS, XAMPP, Apache Web Application, Web Server Silver
Icon SOLID-Principles 2023-07-24 @Night-Owl-Labs In software engineering, SOLID is a mnemonic acronym for five design principles intended to make object-oriented designs more understandable, flexible, and maintainable. Java Software Design Principles, Clean Code Silver
Icon OOP-Principles 2023-07-27 @Night-Owl-Labs This repository aims to provide a comprehensive guide to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles. Whether you are new to OOP or want to reinforce your understanding, this repository has you covered. Java Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Software Principles, Clean Code Silver
Icon PRG-Platinum-Tier-Template 2023-11-30 @scottgriv A repository template used for Platinum tier projects categorized under the PRG system. Markdown, GitHub Public Template Silver
Icon PRG-Gold-Tier-Template 2023-11-20 @scottgriv A repository template used for Gold tier projects categorized under the PRG system. Markdown, GitHub Public Template Silver
Icon PRG-Silver-Tier-Template 2023-11-20 @scottgriv A repository template used for Silver tier projects categorized under the PRG system. Markdown, GitHub Public Template Silver
Icon PRG-Bronze-Tier-Template 2023-11-20 @scottgriv A repository template used for Bronze tier projects categorized under the PRG system. Markdown, GitHub Public Template Silver
Icon markdown-demo 2023-09-02 @scottgriv This repository serves as a comprehensive guide to Markdown syntax. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that you can use to add formatting elements to plaintext text documents. Markdown Guide, Documentation Bronze
Icon json-xml-yaml-resume_template 2023-08-15 @scottgriv This project contains a document that serves as a portfolio template in JSON, XML, and YAML formats. JSON, XML, YAML Template Bronze
Icon python-pdf_web_scraper 2023-01-02 @scottgriv Scrape a web page for pdf files and download them all locally. Python Utility Script Bronze
Icon python-convert_html_table_to_csv 2023-05-01 @scottgriv Scrape a web page table and convert it to a csv file. Python, HTML, CSV, Beautiful Soup Utility Script Bronze
Icon python-json_parser 2023-09-17 @scottgriv A simple JSON object key/value parser written in Python. Define the key, run the program, and export the values in a CSV file. Python, JSON Utility Script Bronze
Icon python-pdf_to_audio 2023-01-02 @scottgriv Convert pdf files to audio files (text to voice). Python Utility Application Bronze
Icon python-delete_file_automation 2023-01-02 @scottgriv A simple Python script to quickly and accurately mass delete files in a specified directory. Python Utility Script Bronze
Icon python-turing_machine 2023-01-02 @scottgriv A Turing machine is a mathematical model of computation describing an abstract machine that manipulates symbols on a strip of tape according to a table of rules. Despite the model’s simplicity, it is capable of implementing any computer algorithm. Python Turing Machine Bronze
Icon python-alien_invasion_game 2023-01-06 @scottgriv An interactive alien invasion game using PyGame. Python Game Bronze
Icon php-display_solution 2023-07-12 @scottgriv Cycle through image files in a declared directory for informative displays. PHP, HTML, CSS Utility Script Bronze
Icon php-audit_dashboards 2023-07-12 @scottgriv Connect to database tables in order to display record counts and play audible threshold alerts. PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery Utility Script Bronze
Icon php-order_notes_editor 2023-11-21 @scottgriv This webapp enables easy pasting and management of multiline text in ERP application note fields. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, it’s ideal for streamlined data entry and note-taking in enterprise systems. PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript, XAMPP Web Application Bronze
Icon php-ftp_file_upload_utility 2023-07-12 @scottgriv Upload files to a remote FTP site through a web interface without end user server access. PHP, HTML, CSS, FTP, jQuery Utility Script Bronze
Icon php-smb_file_upload_utility 2023-07-12 @scottgriv Upload and move files using SMB protocol through a web interface without end user server access. PHP, SMB, HTML, CSS Utility Script Bronze
Icon php-batch_script_refresh_utility 2023-07-12 @scottgriv Run a batch file from a web interface without end user server access. PHP, Batch, HTML, CSS Utility Script Bronze
Icon svelte-firebase_demo 2023-09-22 @scottgriv A demo of app made using the Svelte JavaScript web framework and Firebase Firestore data storage service. Svelte, Firebase, Node.js Web Application, NoSQL Database, API Bronze
Icon csharp-nunit_test_demo 2023-09-20 @scottgriv This is a demo application for the Microsoft .NET Core NUnit unit testing framework. C#, .NET, NUnit, Visual Studio, VS Code Unit Testing Bronze
Icon cpp-room_demo 2023-01-04 @scottgriv C++ demo to get the sum square footage of multiple rooms. C++ Console Application Bronze
Icon c-factorial_calculator 2023-08-12 @scottgriv This simple C project calculates the factorial of a given number. C Console Application Bronze
Icon xslt-xml_style_sheet_demo 2023-08-12 @scottgriv A simple, easy to understand, and easy to follow example of how to use XSLT and how 1.0 differs from 2.0. XSLT, XML, Stack Overflow Style Sheet Bronze
Icon bash-github_delete_workflow_runs 2024-01-02 @scottgriv Mass delete all GitHub Actions workflow runs for a specific repository using GitHub CLI. Bash, GitHub CLI, GitHub Actions, GitHub Workflows Utility Scripts, CLI Bronze
Icon bash-utility_scripts 2023-08-11 @scottgriv Simple backup and deployment scripts written in Bash. Bash Utility Scripts Bronze
Icon javascript-tic_tac_toe 2023-01-05 @scottgriv A simple HTML/CSS/JS demo of Tic Tac Toe. JavaScript, HTML, CSS Game, CodePen Bronze
Icon css-animation_collection 2024-02-05 @scottgriv A collection of useful animations built using CSS. CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Stack Overflow Animations Bronze
Icon html-website_flip_book 2023-01-05 @scottgriv A simple web dashboard that will flip web pages after a defined interval. HTML Utility Web Page Bronze
Icon cobol-ascii_robot_art 2023-08-12 @scottgriv This simple COBOL program displays an ASCII art robot “COLBOT”, along with the message “BEEP BOP”. The robot ASCII art is rendered in the terminal when the program is executed. COBOL Console Application Bronze
Icon ruby-bookstore_demo 2023-01-04 @scottgriv A Ruby on Rails web application for a bookstore to demonstrate scaffolding capabilities. Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RubyGems Web Application Bronze
Icon go-json_task_manager_api 2023-08-10 @scottgriv This is a simple Task Manager API written in Go. The API provides basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality to manage tasks. Tasks are saved in a tasks.json file for persistence. Golang Utility API Bronze
Icon rust-json_note_manager 2023-08-10 @scottgriv A simple command-line tool for managing JSON Notes built using Rust. Rust Console Application Bronze
Icon mysql-node-express-rest_api 2023-01-03 @scottgriv Node.js API calls to a MySQL database. MySQL, Node.js, Express, Postman API, DBMS, Database Bronze
Icon sql-useful_db2_queries 2023-04-20 @scottgriv A collection of useful IBM Db2 queries. IBMi, DB2 DBMS, Database Bronze
Icon sql-mssql_openjson_example 2023-09-25 @scottgriv An example query that demonstrates how to use the OPENJSON function in Microsoft SQL Server. SQL, MSSQL, JSON, Stack Overflow DBMS, Database Bronze
Icon sql-mssql_excel_export 2023-04-20 @scottgriv Export data from Microsoft SQL Server to Excel. SQL, MSSQL, Excel DBMS, Database, Spreadsheets Bronze
Icon batch-useful_bat_files 2023-01-06 @scottgriv A collection of useful Windows Batch files. Java Console Application Bronze
Icon powershell-send_email_script 2023-01-06 @scottgriv A simple script to send an email using Microsoft PowerShell. PowerShell, SMTP Utility Script Bronze
Icon bun-code_demo 2023-09-20 @scottgriv Bun is an all-in-one JavaScript and TypeScript runtime & toolkit designed for speed, complete with a bundler, test runner, and Node.js-compatible package manager. Bun.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js Runtime, Tutorial Bronze
Icon flutter-mobile_app_demo 2023-09-21 @scottgriv A simple Flutter “Hello World” demo application. One codebase written in Dart for many platforms. Flutter, Dart, Android Studio, Xcode, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Mobile Application, Web Application, Desktop Application Bronze
Icon kotlin-android_mobile_app_demo 2023-09-20 @scottgriv A simple mobile app written in Kotlin using Android Studio. Kotlin, Android Studio, Android Mobile Application Bronze
Icon typescript-graphql-apollo-server_demo 2023-01-03 @scottgriv TypeScript GraphQL Apollo Server demo. TypeScript, GraphQL, Apollo Server Web Server Bronze
Icon jupyter-notebook-demo_notebook 2023-09-20 @scottgriv A demo for using Jupyter Notebooks with Python. Jupyter Notebook, Python, Markdown Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Visualization Bronze
Icon node-express-demo_project 2023-01-03 @scottgriv Node.js Express demo. Node.js, Express Web Framework, Examples Bronze
Icon rpgle-data_processing 2023-08-15 @scottgriv This repository contains an example RPGLE program that demonstrates reading data from an input file, processing it, and writing the results to an output file. RPGLE, RPG, IBM i (AS/400), iSeries Console Application Bronze
Icon latex-demo 2023-08-14 @scottgriv This repository contains an example LaTeX document that demonstrates the capabilities of LaTeX for creating professional-quality documents with mathematical and scientific content. LaTeX, TeX Guide, Documentation Bronze
Icon basic-calculator 2023-08-11 @scottgriv This simple calculator program allows users to perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. BASIC Console Application Bronze
Icon dart-language_demo 2023-01-04 @scottgriv A basic demo of Dart functionality. Dart Tutorial, Examples Bronze
Icon swift-json_codables 2023-01-05 @scottgriv Demo of decoding JSON using Swift’s Codable API. Swift, JSON Tutorial, Examples Bronze
Icon swagger-openapi-user_management_demo 2024-02-08 @scottgriv This demo project showcases the implementation of a User Management API documented with Swagger UI and defined using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) API, YAML, JSON, HTML Swagger UI, The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) Bronze
Icon assembly-welcome 2023-08-11 @scottgriv Welcome to my GitHub! (In Assembly and Binary). Assembly Console Application Bronze
Icon vbscript-greetings_program 2023-09-20 @scottgriv A simple VBScript program that will greet you depending on the string length of your name. VBScript, Windows Console Application Bronze
Icon applescript-greetings_program 2023-09-20 @scottgriv A simple AppleScript program that will greet you depending on the string length of your name. AppleScript, Mac Console Application Bronze
Icon mongodb-node-demo_project 2023-12-02 @scottgriv MongoDB and Node.js integration demo. MongoDB, Node.js NoSQL Database, API, Tutorial Bronze
Icon gmail-signature_template 2023-12-02 @scottgriv Custom professional Gmail signature template. Gmail, HTML Email Signature Template Bronze
Icon plantuml-examples 2023-08-30 @scottgriv PlantUML eaxmples for UML, ERD, wireframes, mind maps, JSON, YAML, WBS, ASCII art, Gantt charts, C4 models, and more. PlantUML, UML Software Diagrams & Models Bronze
Icon LeetCode-Solutions 2024-02-15 @scottgriv A collection of my solutions to LeetCode, coding puzzles and challenges. Python, JavScript Programming Challenges & Puzzles Bronze
Icon Advent-of-Code-Solutions 2023-12-22 @scottgriv A collection of my solutions to Advent of Code, coding puzzles and challenges. Python, JavScript Programming Challenges & Puzzles Bronze
Icon scottgriv 2023-01-23 @scottgriv About Me: @scottgriv. Markdown, HTML Personal README Optimized
Icon Night-Owl-Labs 2023-05-24 @Night-Owl-Labs About Us: @Night-Owl-Labs. Markdown, HTML Organization README Optimized
Icon Griv-Private-Repo 2023-09-19 @scottgriv My personal private repository consisting of code, designs, colors, fonts, sounds, documents, and other important files. Sketch, Figma, VS Code, Google Fonts Private Collection Optimized
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